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Our Leadership and Staff

Meet the Spiritual Team

The leadership team at Novum Baptist Church consists of Ministerial staff and believers with the confidence to guide our community in faith, answer questions, conduct services and organize church events.

Jeffrey Light


A passionate speaker and an inspirational spiritual guide, Jeff plays a vital part in our church. His Bible-led sermons not only teach God's Word, but also urge you to grow in you understanding of what God's Will is for your life.

Courtney Crittenden

Family Minister

Courtney is responsible for encouraging and maintaining our church’s culture by being an active leader in our ever-growing family. As our Family Minister, Courtney plays an important role in the spiritual life and growth of families at Novum Baptist Church.

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Lee Catherine Clayton

Director of Music

Lee Catherine has been inspiring our community to fix our eyes on Jesus since joining the congregation in 2006.  She brings a wealth of experience and energy to the church with her musical gifts.

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Deacons are set aside by the Church to be the primary servants of the Church in accordance with the New Testament.  The tasks of the deacons are to first, proclaim the Gospel; second, care for the Church members and people in the community; third, lead the Church to engage in a fellowship of worship, witness, education, and ministry; and lastly, assist in worship.

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